Membership Tier

Orbit Frequent Flyer rewards you for choosing to fly with Air Astra. As you progress through the tiers, you unlock a world of exclusive benefits that make your travel smoother and more enjoyable.

Effortlessly Ascend the Tiers
  • Earn the designated number of Orbit Miles on Air Astra flights.
  • Complete a set number of domestic or international flights.

Tier Bonus

Once you reach a new tier, your membership privileges last for 2 years. This grace period applies even if you don't meet the requirements for tier renewal during your annual review.


Unveiling the Orbit Tiers

Eco Card


Eco (100 Miles): Enjoy instant upgrades using Orbit Miles, advanced seat protection, and a 10% bonus on miles earned from all flights.

Evo Card


Evo (2,000 Miles): Unlock all Eco tier benefits, plus a 20% bonus on Orbit Miles for any flight, priority waitlist service, and a dedicated check-in counter.

Pro Card


Pro (5,000 Miles): Experience the pinnacle of Orbit hospitality with all previous benefits, a 30% bonus on Orbit Miles for any flight, and a dedicated check-in counter.


Soar Higher with Orbit Frequent Flyer:

Orbit Frequent Flyer caters to your travel aspirations. Choose the tier that best suits your flying frequency and unlock a world of rewards that make every journey exceptional. Join the Orbit Today!