Fly Cox’s Bazar Daily

Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh's tourism capital, is also known for having the world's longest unbroken natural sandy sea beach. Bangladesh's most popular tourist destination. Many tourist attractions in Cox's Bazar include The Himchori, Kutubdia Lighthouse, Safari Park, Moheshkhali Island, and the amazing St. Martin Island. Tourists can enjoy the longest marine drive, fresh seafood, sea diving, hiking hill tracks, horse riding, and parasailing.



Fly Dhaka Daily

Dhaka is South Asia's second most powerful capital and a significant financial center. Dhaka is a thriving, colorful, and congested metropolis in modern times. Dhaka, as one of the most densely populated cities on the planet, has the potential to be one of the world's most facilitated cities. Thousands of colors and emotions fill the streets and rivers. Dhaka has a plethora of green spaces, including numerous gardens and parks. Historical sites and monuments in the city include Ahsan Manjil, Lalbagh Fort, The Rose Garden Palace, National Martyrs' Memorial, and Swadhinata Stambha.



Fly Chattogram Daily

Chattogram is a lovely seaport city and economic hub in the south-east. The town is located between mountain ranges and the Bay of Bengal. The rural part of the division is located on the edge of the India Plate and the Burma Plate in the ecological Indo-Burma zone. Chattogram is thus at the crossroads of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The city's landscape is graced with rolling hills and greenery. Beautiful structures, mosques, and shrines bear witness to its history from antiquity to the present. The city is encircled by the sea, cliffs, and rivers, making it a must-see tourist destination.




Fly Saidpur Daily

Saidpur is regarded as the country's northern commercial hub. Because of its geographic location, the town is one of the country's most important economic zones. Saidpur Airport is the closest to Nepal and Bhutan. Saidpur is well-known not only for its business opportunities, but also for its numerous tourist attractions. The most popular attractions in town are Neel Kuthi, Raja Harish Chandra Palace, Jami Mosque, Dimla Rajbari, Saidpur Church, Teesta Barrage, and Railway Factory.



Fly Sylhet Daily

Sylhet is Located in the northeast of Bangladesh; this ancient township is rich in forest, mineral, and fishery resources and is full of natural beauty. Apart from the natural beauty, Sylhet is famous for its history. Different tribes living in Sylhet have various languages ​​and cultures. Sylhet is one of the most enriched tourist cities in the country with tea gardens, Jaflong, Ratargul swamp forest, Lalakhal, Bholaganj, Bichnakandi, Tamabil, hills, and waterfall.